St. John's School, Chandigarh


Pro Deo Et Patria

For God And Country

St. John's School, Chandigarh

The Brothers acquired an extensive 30 acres of property with a school and residence in the newly laid city of Chandigarh in Nov. 1959 and began classes with 41 pupils within 3 months. Br. Morrissey was the 1st Principal and during his 6 year tenure, the school grew to over 600 students, the first batch of ISC having secured 100% results in 1963. In 1993-94, the school switched to the CBSE Board and today has over 2000 students. Over the years, St. John's has done extremely well in academics, sports and the co-curricular and has grown into one of the premier institutes in India. St. John's furthermore has a dedicated EWS program called 'Indra-dhanush', with approximately 300 students integrated into the mainstream school. Its' alumni are a very prominent and vibrant group.